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Advancements in Hemophilia A Therapies


Steven W. Pipe, MD, explores the latest developments in hemophilia A treatments and prophylactic therapies, including extended half-life agents and a groundbreaking bispecific antibody.

This is a video synopsis/summary of an Insights featuring Steven W. Pipe, MD.

In this insightful discussion with Pipe, the focus is on evaluating current and emerging therapies for hemophilia A. The conversation delves into the classes of prophylactic treatment available, specifically highlighting 2 distinct strategies: factor replacement therapy and substitution therapy. Pipe elucidates the evolution of factor replacement products, spanning legacy standard half-life agents to Altuviiio, a high-sustained factor VIII replacement therapy with a once-weekly dosing strategy. The extended half-life agents, utilizing recombinant platforms with modifications, have shown considerable progress in reducing the treatment burden. Notably, Altuviiio maintains normal to near-normal factor VIII levels for an extended period after treatment. The discussion also introduces substitution therapy, featuring a humanized bispecific antibody with a prolonged half-life of about 30 days. This therapy mimics the action of activated factor VIII, providing steady-state hemostatic correction, administered subcutaneously for added patient convenience. The overall exploration underscores the transformative impact of these therapies, not only in altering pharmacokinetics but also in enhancing patient experience by minimizing venous access challenges and optimizing treatment efficacy.

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