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Advancements in Hemophilia A Therapies: Altuviiio and Roctavian


Steven W. Pipe, MD, discusses Altuviiio and Roctavian, the latest hemophilia A therapies, exploring eligibility, benefits, and potential impacts on prophylaxis, surgeries, and breakthrough bleeding.

This is a video synopsis/summary of an Insights featuring Steven W. Pipe, MD.

Pipe introduces the latest hemophilia A therapies, Altuviiio and Roctavian, shedding light on their eligibility criteria and potential benefits for specific patient populations. Altuviiio, a high-sustained factor-VIII prophylaxis, offers a once-weekly dosing strategy with remarkable pharmacokinetic characteristics. This not only aids in managing bleeding events but also transforms surgical approaches, potentially eliminating the need for factor VIII replacement during recovery. Roctavian, a gene therapy, utilizes an adeno-associated viral vector for one-time treatment, resulting in sustained factor VIII expression. The majority of patients may cease prophylaxis post treatment. While the long-term data is evolving, Roctavian shows promise in improving joint outcomes, bleed rates, and quality of life. However, it comes with limitations, including eligibility restrictions for adults with liver health considerations and those with neutralizing antibodies against the AAV vector. Pipe emphasizes the potential impact on factor consumption reduction with Altuviiio and the transformative nature of Roctavian in minimizing the need for ongoing prophylaxis. As these therapies revolutionize hemophilia A treatment, the discussion explores their clinical utility, eligibility challenges, and implications for patient care.

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