Counterfeit MabThera Found in Germany

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Following Herceptin earlier this year, Roche has announced that tampered vials of it's blood cancer drug MabThera (Rituxan) were found in Germany.

Swiss drugmaker Roche said on Friday that compromised vials of its top-selling blood cancer drug MabThera had been found in Germany, the second time this year that one of its medicines has been targeted by counterfeiters.

MabThera, which is also known as Rituxan, is an injectable biotech drug used to treat blood cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. In 2013 it was Roche's biggest seller with sales of 6.95 billion Swiss francs ($7.45 billion).

"Roche was alerted that counterfeit MabThera was detected in Germany by a German parallel importer," the drugmaker said in an emailed statement.


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Earlier this year, vials of Roche's drug Herceptin, thought to be stolen from hospitals in Italy and then tampered with, were found in Britain, Finland and Germany.

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