Doctors Need to Be Tech Savvy, Report Suggests

The survey, conducted by, showed that 71% patients want their doctor to use a mobile application to schedule appointments, share health data, and manage preventive care; 60% patients reported an interest in using telehealth in place of in-person visits.

Americans with health insurance are for the most part satisfied with their care, but are using antiquated methods to manage their health, and in the future, healthcare providers may feel pressure to use more modern technologies from the next generation of patients.

That’s according to research from The “2015 State of the Connected Patient Report,” based on interviews with 1,700 adults with health insurance and a primary care physician, found technology is not being used to its full potential. For example, fewer than 10 percent of those surveyed use the web, email or text to set up an appointment. The survey found that just 21 percent of respondents said they use the Web to access their health data.

“This lack of technology could be at least partly responsible for challenges around preventative care in America, as 40 percent of respondents said they receive no ongoing care recommendations from their physician,” the report said.

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Source: Government HealthIT