Kyprolis Trumps Velcade in Multiple Myeloma Trial

Results released by Amgen, who bought the molecule from Onyx, show that Kyprolis yielded better results when used as second-line in relapsed patients.

Patients with relapsed multiple myeloma benefited more from treatment with Amgen's Kyprolis than with Velcade, an older, rival drug marketed by Takeda, according to results from a study announced by Amgen on Sunday night.

Amgen believes proving Kyprolis' superiority over Velcade in the second-line multiple myeloma treatment setting further justifies the $10.4 billion paid for Onyx Pharmaceuticals, the developer of the drug. Another large study pitting the 2 drugs against each other in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients is ongoing with results expected next year.

Link to the Amgen press release: