Novel Treatment Could Reduce Adverse Effects of Anticancer Agents

By combining, in a liposome, magnetic nanoparticles and photosensitizers that are simultaneously and remotely activated by a magnetic field and light, scientists obtained total tumor regression in mice.

One of the strategies employed to limit the adverse effects of cancer therapies is the development of nanocarrier systems that can convey active ingredients to target tumor cells. These are referred to as "physical" therapies when the active substances, molecules or nanoparticles, can be remotely activated by external physical stimuli -- in this case by light or a magnetic field. In this context, the study team developed a new type of carrier that combines photosensitivity and magnetism. To achieve this, they first encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles in the inner compartment of a liposome in sufficient quantities to render it ultra-magnetic, before incorporating photosensitizers into its lipid bilayer, while preserving an optimum size for circulation in the blood.

Link to the report on ScienceDaily:

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