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Other Clinical Considerations in Demodex Blepharitis Treatment


Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD; underscores the significance of an FDA approved treatment for Demodex blepharitis as well as past alternative treatments.

This is a video synopsis/summary of an Insights involving Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD.

The best way ophthalmologists and optometrists can work with payers to ensure access to the important new Demodexmedication lotilaner is to prescribe it. Increased use encourages payers to cover it routinely. Clinicians must diligently prescribe lotilaner when indicated and ensure patient access to the best therapy. The BlinkRx pharmacy makes access easy by handling paperwork, removing the burden from medical staff. The medication is reasonably priced.

Demodex blepharitis is ubiquitous and highly associated with dry eye, ocular surface disease, blepharitis, and lid erythema, affecting all age groups. It is more common in older patients but so prevalent that simply looking for it makes the diagnosis.

When clinicians see Demodex blepharitis, they should educate the patient on how it contributes to their disease and prescribe FDA-approved lotilaner ophthalmic solution. Additional treatments such as lid exfoliation can help by removing scales and crusts, improving lotilaner access. However, lotilaner alone works extremely well. The neurotoxin kills parasites where they live with minimal adverse effects,such as erythema or allergy. No other therapy works as safely and effectively for this chronic disease affecting many patients. Some clinicians combine lotilaner withblepharoexfoliation, although this combination is not FDA approved.

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