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Payer Approval + Alternate Treatments for Demodex Blepharitis


A review of insurance policies for Demodex blepharitis treatments, along with an analysis of the potential toxicities associated with these treatments.

This is a video synopsis/summary of an Insights involving Neda Shamie, MD.

One major challenge with prescribing Xdemvy(lotilaner ophthalmic solution 0.25%), which is known to be highly effective for treating an underlying condition with potential comorbidities, is getting coverage from payers. It is hoped payers will support this definitive, validated treatment option to help physicians treat patients. Xdemvyis highly effective, safe, and welltolerated, and requires a short 6-week course, avoiding collateral damage and costs from worse downstream conditions. The aim is for physicians to easily prescribe Xdemvyknowing payers appreciate its value in quickly resolving this condition before larger problems arise needing costlier treatment.

Studies of alternatives like compounded medications and cleansers have not produced the efficacy of Xdemvy. In clinical studies, Demodex eradication occurred in over 50% of patients treated with Xdemvy. The lessening of collarettes, indicative of Demodex load, was reduced in over 80% of patients. These results are unmatched. Alternatives also cause more ocular surface toxicity leading to noncompliance and further issues not seen with Xdemvy.

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