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Overview of Demodex Blepharitis


Elizabeth Yeu, MD, provides a comprehensive overview of Demodex blepharitis stemming from infestations of eyelash follicle mites.

In this video segment featuring Dr. Elizabeth Yeu, an expert in corneocateric refractive surgery, she delves into the significant impact of Demodex blepharitis within her practice. Dr. Yeu emphasizes the pervasive nature of this condition, often overshadowed despite its prevalence. She highlights its unique diagnostic features, particularly the translucent waxy debris seen on downward gaze, which signify the presence of Demodex mites living within lash follicles.

Despite being easily observable with the right approach, this form of blepharitis often goes unnoticed in routine examinations, especially in the US population. Dr. Yeu shares her pivotal realization—occurring during patient interactions when adjusting masks—that led her to recognize the substantial prevalence, affecting more than half of her patient base.

Referencing the ATLAS Study, Dr. Yeu elucidates the array of symptoms associated with Demodex blepharitis, including itching, dry eyes, mattering, excessive tearing, and watery eyes upon awakening. She underscores the progressive and persistent nature of the disease, noting its higher incidence in older patient populations, particularly among cataract surgery patients.

Despite its significant impact, Dr. Yeu emphasizes the condition's often overlooked status and its potential association as a comorbid condition with contact lens intolerance and lid margin redness. This thorough examination of Demodex blepharitis showcases Dr. Yeu's commitment to understanding and addressing this condition, not just within cataract surgery patients but also within the broader spectrum of her practice, including the LASIK population, underscoring its clinical significance and importance in patient care.

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