Outcomes from NATALEE and MonarchE

Dr. Dempsey discusses key results from the NATALEE and MonarchE trials.

Video content above is prompted by the following:

  • (Dr. O’Shaughnessy) How have the MonarchE and NATALEE trials contribute to our understanding of the optimal duration of adjuvant endocrine therapy?
    • How might the difference in adjuvant therapy duration between ribociclib and abemaciclib influence discussions around risk-benefit assessments with patients considering CDK4/6i?
  • (Dr. Rugo)How does incorporating CDK4/6i earlier in treatment impact how the relapsed/refractory setting is managed?
    • Please include a discussion of ribociclib’s MAINTAIN trial. Discuss your thoughts on continued use of CDK4/6i in the R/R setting, as well as sequencing considerations.
    • Please also include a discussion of capivasertib as a newly approved option based on the CAPItello-291 trial.
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