Sequencing Considerations with CDK4/6 Inhibitors Used in Earlier Treatment

A panel of experts discuss sequencing considerations with CDK4/6.

Video content above is prompted by the following:

  1. How does incorporating CDK4/6i earlier in treatment impact how the relapsed/refractory setting is managed?
    1. Please include a discussion of ribociclib’s MAINTAIN trial. Discuss your thoughts on continued use of CDK4/6i in the R/R setting, as well as sequencing considerations.
    2. Please also include a discussion of capivasertib as a newly approved option based on the CAPItello-291 trial.
  2. (Dr. O’Shaughnessy) What are the primary differences in the toxicity profiles of abemaciclib and ribociclib when used in the adjuvant setting, and how are these prioritized when selecting a CDK4/6 inhibitor?
    1. Please include a discussion of the recent publication of long-term patient-reported outcomes with adjuvant abemaciclib
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