Whose Data Is It Anyway?

Knowledge is power, as was the case with a doctoral student at MIT whose keen interest in his own medical data resulted in the diagnosis and excision of a brain tumor. But are all health systems ready to share patients' data with them?

Steven Keating’s doctors and medical experts view him as a citizen of the future.

A scan of his brain eight years ago revealed a slight abnormality—nothing to worry about, he was told, but worth monitoring. And monitor he did, reading and studying about brain structure, function and wayward cells, and obtaining a follow-up scan in 2010, which showed no trouble.

But he knew from his research that his abnormality was near the brain’s olfactory center. So when he started smelling whiffs of vinegar last summer, he suspected they might be “smell seizures.”

Link to the complete article in The New York Times: http://nyti.ms/1aizGeo