Multiple Myeloma

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NGF-Based MRD Assessment Demonstrates Potential to Predict MM Disease Progression

August 4th 2022, 6:25pm


Previous studies have produced heterogeneous results on next-generation flow (NGF)-based minimal residual disease (MRD) detection, despite improvements to the method’s reproducibility and sensitivity, prompting the present authors to investigate its clinical utility.

Early Use of Novel Therapies in Multiple Myeloma Could Target Bone Marrow Microenvironment

July 28th 2022, 4:29pm


Authors explained how multiple myeloma emerges from earlier clinical phases and the tumor’s microenvironment in the early course of the disease plays a critical role in the survival of myeloma cells.

With Multiple Myeloma, Caregivers May See More Mental Health Effects Than Patients

July 18th 2022, 2:00pm


A study in Blood Advances highlights the toll that a terminal diagnosis can have on everyone around a patient.

Survey Finds Shift in Clinician Views of MRD Status in Treatment Decisions for Multiple Myeloma

July 16th 2022, 1:10pm


Results looking at acceptance of minimal residual disease (MRD) status found that 60% of participants “would change at least one decision based on an MRD result,” and 54% would use both MRD status and disease risk to make decisions.

Age, Infection, Cardiac Disease Linked to Early Death for Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

July 12th 2022, 6:47pm


Results from a registry study of patients from Australia and New Zealand show that 9.1% of patients with a new diagnosis of multiple myeloma die within a year of diagnosis, and infection contributed to early death in 38% of cases in which a cause of death was reported.

Index Finds Half of MM, CLL Patients in Study Had Financial Difficulty

July 9th 2022, 12:16am


Financial difficulty during treatment for multiple myeloma (MM) or chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) was associated with lower levels of education, incomes below $60,000, and multiple comorbidities.

Review of MM Treatment Landscape Compares Clinical Trials With Real-World Results

July 2nd 2022, 11:10am


Real-world patients often differ from those eligible for clinical trials, and comparing results in both populations is a key step in fine-tuning treatment strategies for multiple myeloma.

Exploring Genomic and Transcriptomic Changes Throughout Multiple Myeloma Progression

July 1st 2022, 6:07pm


Whole-exome and RNA sequencing of early and late multiple myeloma tumor samples aimed to provide insight into disease drivers and phenotypes.

Discussing The Future of the RRMM Treatment Landscape

June 28th 2022, 8:29pm


Drs Richter and Kaufman conclude by discussing future promising developments in RRMM therapy.

Improving Payer Education on RRMM Therapy

June 28th 2022, 8:21pm


Professional experts offer suggestions on how payers can be further educated on RRMM treatment.