Multiple Sclerosis

The AJMC® Multiple Sclerosis compendium is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights for the disabling disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord.

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Myelin sheath damage in MS concept | image credit: Artur -
Aerobic Exercise Could Benefit MS Management, Further Research Needed

June 7th 2024

A small cohort demonstrated the potential benefits aerobic exercise regimens hold for managing fatigue symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS), but more studies are needed.

Eye imaging | Image credit: Richman Photo -
Retinal Vasculature Pathology Linked With MS Disease Burden

May 31st 2024

Cannabis Leaves and Stethoscope | image credit: New Africa -
Cannabis Treatment Showcases Promising Benefits for Managing Adverse Symptoms of MS

May 30th 2024

Man Wrestling With Sleeplessness | image credit: mtrlin -
Sleep Quality in MS Impacted by Comorbidities, Study Finds

May 16th 2024

RRMS AI-Concept | image credit: Evadne -
Serum Neurofilament Light Changes Not Always Apparent in Active RRMS, Study Finds

May 8th 2024

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