Black Adults Face a Higher Prevalence of Gout Compared With Whites, Study Finds

August 17th 2022, 1:10pm


The new report reverses previous research suggesting that White men who consumed large amounts of gamey meat and rich foods were most at risk.

ACR Releases 2022 Vaccination Guideline Summary for Patients With RMDs

August 12th 2022, 12:26pm


The summary includes expanded indications for certain vaccines, approaches for live-attenuated vaccines, and medication management around the time of vaccination for patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs).

Review Highlights Major RA Management Developments in Past Year

August 10th 2022, 10:15pm


According to the review, the most important novel developments were related to the repositioning of old drugs in the context of treat-to-target (T2T) therapy and new long-term safety information on Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors.

Gout Flare Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke

August 2nd 2022, 3:00pm


Patients with gout who experienced a heart attack or stroke were twice as likely to have experienced a gout flare within the past 60 days compared with patients with gout who did not experience either event.

Study Highlights 6 Aspects of Daily Life Affected by RA

July 29th 2022, 10:16pm


Interviews conducted with patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) revealed 6 important aspects of daily life that are rarely measured in RA research.

Early Methotrexate Did Not Prevent Arthritis Development, Study Found

July 26th 2022, 9:03pm


While a 1-year course of methotrexate improved physical function, pain, morning joint stiffness, and joint inflammation, it did not prevent the development of clinical arthritis.

Patients Who Have Rheumatic Disease May Benefit From Telemedicine

July 23rd 2022, 7:48pm


A systemic review found that patients with rheumatic diseases experienced comparable outcomes and satisfaction from telemedicine compared with in-person treatment.

Rheumatic Conditions Are a Common Cause of Unexplained Fever, Inflammation

July 21st 2022, 7:59pm


A review found rheumatic conditions cause 22.2% of global cases of fever and inflammation of unknown origin.

AYAs Emphasize Importance of Patient Perspectives During Health Care Transition

July 12th 2022, 4:20pm


None of the adolescent and young adult (AYA) participants in a study reported experiencing the Six Core Elements of Healthcare Transition during their rheumatology health care transition.

Telerehabilitation Reduces Pain, Improves Function for People With Musculoskeletal Needs

July 10th 2022, 4:56pm


Participants in a digital acute musculoskeletal (MSK) program experienced better pain and function outcomes vs nonparticipants, demonstrating benefits for acute and subacute MSK conditions.