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Black People More Likely Than Others to Die From Colorectal Cancer Spreading to the Liver

September 09, 2020

Social reform to eliminate health disparities is necessary so that Black people, the most vulnerable group for advanced colorectal cancer, get the care they need for a disease that is curable if caught early, says City of Hope expert.

Zaia Draws on Decades of Innovation in Infectious Disease for Breakthroughs in Gene Therapy

June 17, 2020

Known as a gene therapy pioneer, Zaia has spent almost 40 years at City of Hope, in Duarte, California. He was first drawn by the promise of studying cytomegalovirus. Over the decades, his groundbreaking research has encompassed HIV/AIDS, cellular gene transfer therapy, immunotherapy, bispecific antibodies, and now hyperimmune globulin for workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.