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What We’re Reading: Judge Questions Lawyers in Abortion Pill Case; Maternal Mortality Rises; Lobbying for Alzheimer Drugs

March 16th 2023

Lawyers were questioned in a federal lawsuit intending to overturn approval of a drug used for medication abortion; during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, US maternal mortality increased for the third year in a row; the Alzheimer’s Association is lobbying Congress to push for Medicare coverage of new Alzheimer drugs under early access.

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Pregnant Women With Epilepsy Experience Worse Perinatal Outcomes

March 15th 2023

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Benefits of Online Support Communities for Individuals and Couples Experiencing Infertility

March 7th 2023

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Predicting Live Birth Rates for Women Using Assisted Reproductive Technology

March 3rd 2023

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Providers Need to Be Aware of Disparities in Reproductive, Infertility Care

March 1st 2023

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