Research to Examine Renal Failure Associated With Cardiomyopathy

August 12, 2020


A Marshall University researcher received $444,000 from NIH to continue researching a new treatment target in chronic renal failure.

Contributor: Under New Rule, MA Plans Can Keep a Blindfold on Dialysis Facility Choice for Individuals With Kidney Failure

August 08, 2020


A rule change to let those with end-stage renal disease enroll in Medicare Advantage has a twist that could stop patients from learning if their dialysis center iis in the network.

New Renal, HF Results Seen in 2020 ACC Pathway on CV Risk Reduction

August 05, 2020


The American College of Cardiology updates guidance on prescribing SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists to patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease or CV risk.

FDA Grants Orphan Drug Status to Regulus Therapeutics' Treatment for Common Type of PKD

July 30, 2020


Although the name suggests the disease affects only the kidneys, development of fluid-filled cysts can spread to the liver, the pancreas, and other organs. While a healthy kidney is about the size of a fist, a kidney filled with cysts from polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can grow to be about the size of a football weigh up to 30 pounds

Dapagliflozin Meets All Targets in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease, With and Without Diabetes

July 28, 2020


Data from DAPA-CKD show that the trial met all its primary and secondary end points for patients with chronic kidney disease, with and without type 2 diabetes. The announcement comes after a data monitoring committee halted the trial in March 2020 when it found the evidence of efficacy was overwhelming.

When Should Renal Replacement Therapy Start After Acute Kidney Injury?

July 25, 2020


Just when renal replacement therapy should start after acute kidney injury has been debated.

National Kidney Foundation, NCQA Announce Measure to Boost Testing in Patients With Diabetes

July 24, 2020


While clinical guidelines call for those with diabetes to be tested regularly for kidney disease, less than 50% of these patients are tested once a year, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

Racial, Socioeconomic Disparities Continue in Prevalence of CKD Over Time

July 16, 2020


The authors said the results show a need to develop more targeted interventions for populations at risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Researchers Find Alternatives for Acetaminophen Without Liver, Kidney Effects

July 10, 2020


The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic presents a new challenge: patients have severe flu-like symptoms, but the virus can also cause renal failure. Doctors and patients need analgesics that go easy on the liver and kidneys but are not addictive, and this week researchers at LSU Health New Orleans Neuroscience Center of Excellence announced they have discovered a new class of drugs that can do the job.