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Semaglutide injections | Image credit: Patrick Bay Damsted –
Semaglutide Lowers Risk of Major Kidney Outcomes, Cardiovascular Events, Death in Patients With Diabetes and CKD

May 24th 2024

Patients who took the weekly glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist were 21% less likely to experience major kidney disease events and 29% less likely to die due to cardiovascular causes.

Pills, thermometer, inhaler and money | Image credit: Sebastian -
Public Hospitals More Likely to Extend Unprofitable Services After 340B Participation, Study Finds

May 10th 2024

Birth control pills and condoms | Image credit: TanyaJoy –
Following Roe v Wade Overturn, Research Focuses on Male Contraceptives

May 6th 2024

Art Masturzo, MD, MBA
Dr Arti Masturzo Gives an In-Depth Look at CCS Survey Results Showing Misconceptions Around Diabetes Management

May 6th 2024

Bladder cancer | Image credit: PRB ARTS –
TAR-210 Shows Promise in Treating NMIBC With Select FGFR Alterations; Updates on MoonRISe-1

May 5th 2024

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