Healthcare Cost

Cost Savings Associated With a Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention for COPD

September 13th 2022, 1:00pm


The authors modeled costs associated with a pedometer-based, web-mediated physical activity intervention compared with a pedometer alone for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management. The intervention was cost-saving.

Good Health Policy Requires High-Quality Evidence. Let’s Remember That With Drug Pricing.

September 12th 2022, 1:00pm


In the health spending debate, what policy makers need most is an honest, realistic, and evidence-based discussion. Unfortunately, many studies in the public arena fall far short.

Practices Have to Grapple With the Logistics of Insurers’ Preferred Biosimilars: Dr Lalan Wilfong

September 11th 2022, 12:45pm


While commercial payers have been engaged with the shift to biosimilars, they all have their own preferred biosimilar, which makes it challenging for practices, explained Lalan Wilfong, MD, vice president of payer relations & practice transformation at The US Oncology Network.

SCS Use May Predispose Patients Who Have CRSwNP to Worse Health Outcomes

September 9th 2022, 10:08pm


Using systemic corticosteroids (SCS) to treat chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps (CRSwNP) has been linked to adverse outcomes among patients, prompting these study investigators to compare their health care resource utilization with that of patients who have CRSwNP but don’t use SCS.

Avalere Experts Discuss Effects of Inflation Reduction Act, EOM, Health Care Disparities

September 9th 2022, 12:05pm


On September 7, a trio of panels from Avalere Health addressed steps that will follow approval of the Inflation Reduction Act, implementing the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM) in 2023, and addressing health care disparities.

Specialty Drug Trend Is Strong but May Shift With Biosimilars

September 8th 2022, 9:22pm


In 2021, the specialty drug trend rebounded from the pandemic, and it is expected to stay strong with more specialty drugs coming. Increased availability of biosimilars could shift this trend.

Contributor: The Benefits of Medication-at-Home Pharmacy

September 1st 2022, 5:58pm


Medication-at-home pharmacy is an innovative method of medication management that is vital to the success of the health care system.

What We're Reading: Access Concerns for New COVID-19 Boosters; Subcutaneous Vaccine Delivery Benefits; Poor Response to Data Breaches

August 29th 2022, 2:51pm


Lack of state funding and understaffing are threatening the vaccination campaign for novel Omicron-specific booster shots; experts explore the differences between subcutaneous and intradermal delivery of monkeypox vaccines; HHS’ Office for Civil Rights is struggling to manage rising cases of cyberattacks on US health care organizations.

Contributor: How Quality, Risk Program Integration Can Improve Provider Engagement and Reduce Administrative Burden

August 28th 2022, 1:15pm


DIY Automated Insulin Delivery Systems Bring Unique Challenges to HCPs

August 27th 2022, 6:51pm


Do-it-yourself (DIY) automated insulin delivery systems have gained rapid uptake, yielding self-reported improvements in glycemic control and quality of life for patients, but creating unique challenges for health care providers (HCPs).