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Income Differences Between Locations of 340B Entities and Contract Pharmacies

June 5th 2023

The authors find that 340B-covered hospitals and grantees are contracting mainly with pharmacies in significantly more affluent neighborhoods than their own.

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What We’re Reading: FDA Approves RSV Vaccine; Medicare to Cover Alzheimer Drugs; More States Extend Postpartum Coverage

June 1st 2023

What We’re Reading: Debt Limit Deal; National Patient Safety Board; Pfizer’s Hemophilia Therapy
What We’re Reading: Debt Limit Deal Reached; National Patient Safety Board; Hemophilia Therapy Results

May 30th 2023

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What We’re Reading: AHIP President to Step Down; House Panel Advances PBM Bills; Default Could Stop FDA Reviews

May 25th 2023

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Fendrick: Embrace of VBID Even More Crucial Amid Equity Conversations, Braidwood Ruling

May 24th 2023

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