Results of Dupilumab in Uncontrolled Asthma Highlighted at ERS

September 25th 2021, 10:20am


Study results released earlier this month showcased results in children and adults with uncontrolled asthma. The findings were presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) 2021 International Congress.

Dr Michael E. Weschler: Treating Eosinophilic Asthma vs Other Asthma Types

September 19th 2021, 3:46pm


Michael E. Wechsler, MD, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health, details the ways that the treatment of eosinophilic asthma differs from other forms of asthma.

Dr Michael E. Weschler: How Eosinophilic Asthma Differs From Other Eosinophilic Conditions

September 12th 2021, 2:00pm


Michael E. Wechsler, MD, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health, discusses the conditions that can develop as a result of abnormal eosinophilic activity.

Dr William "Andy" Nish on Increasing Medication Adherence for Asthma Therapies

September 5th 2021, 1:40pm


Using the argument that regularly taking medication is a great way to earn parents' trust is a great tactic to encourage children and teenagers to remain adherent to their asthma therapies, said William "Andy" Nish, MD, an allergist and immunologist in Georgia.

Some JAK Inhibitors to Carry More Black Box Warnings for Cardiovascular Concerns

September 3rd 2021, 5:30pm


It is the third set of warnings for certain Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors due to the risk of heart attack or stroke, cancer, blood clots, and death.

Dr William "Andy" Nish on Considering Adherence When Prescribing Biologics to Patients With Asthma

August 29th 2021, 2:00pm


Switching patients with asthma to a biologic medication purely because that patient is not adherent to inhaled medications gets in the way of a physician's goal of being good stewards of patient care and finances, said William "Andy" Nish, MD.

Hospitalization Prevention for Children With Asthma Requires Multimodal Approach

August 25th 2021, 5:30pm


Randomized controlled trials on asthma hospitalization prevention are limited, but patient and caregiver education should be a top priority, investigators said.

Dr William "Andy" Nish Details the List of Medicines Targeting Asthma Biomarkers

August 22nd 2021, 12:00pm


There are several biomarkers that act as therapeutic targets for asthma, and plenty of medications aimed at inhibiting them, according to William "Andy" Nish, MD.

ICER Review of AD Therapies Narrowly Supports JAK Inhibitors, Depending on Safety

August 19th 2021, 10:00pm


A review of therapies for atopic dermatitis (AD) found adequate net health benefit for new treatments. However, safety remains a concern for the Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors.

Study: Half of Patients Make "Critical Errors" When Using Inhalers

August 16th 2021, 5:30pm


Most patients said they had received instruction on how to use their inhalers from a pharmacist or physician, but only 21% said they had received instruction from both.